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Each summer, thousands of Native American peoples across the country celebrate their connections to tradition and spirituality, to the Earth and to one another, in a social, personal and spiritual meeting: the PowWow. For many, these gatherings are an integral component of the Native American existence. More than an homage to a great ancestry, the Powwow is an event of contemporary significance for the individuals and communities making up the hundreds of Native American nations.

In an attempt to capture the beauty, excitement and cultural importance of these events, KTCA produced...


Wacipi - PowWow
Photographs by Melissa Gerr

PowWow Words and Sounds
Special Thanks to the Native American Community
In Memorium, Buddy Whipple
Teacher's Guides for Wacipi - PowWow
For more information about local powwows
Wacipi PowWow Production Team
Producer, Barbara Wiener

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